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Halloween candy? No, sorry, here are some kanji for Halloween:

幽霊 - Ghost (yuurei), using the characters for faint’ and spirit’ are similar to the western concept of a ghost, whereas 妖怪 (youkai) are supernatural spirits in Japanese folklore (the characters are bewitching’ and apparition’).

吸血鬼 - Vampire (kyuuketsuki), brought to you by the characters for suck’, blood’ and demon’ (this is my favourite).

骨格 - Skeleton (kokkaku), I have a feeling that this has more of a medical application that a ghost-story one, but the characters are bones’ and status’.

魔女 - Witch (majo), from the characters for evil spirit’ and woman’. An alternative is 鬼婆 (onibaba) which is Hag” and uses the characters for demon’ and grandmother/old woman’.

パンプキン - Pumpkin (panpukin), spelled in Katakana, of course.

If I had prepared a little more in advance then I could have included some Japanese ghost stories in this post as they are many and legendary.

Maybe as an incentive to keep blogging I will try and uphold that promise for next year?

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